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Welcome to predictable leads, prospects and sales, done with you so you don’t have to
work it all out your self and learn the hard way.

Are You Taking Advantage Of The Single Biggest Customer Generating Opportunity On The Planet?

Let’s start with a few simple questions…

  • Is your business B2B focused?
  • Is there usually a conversation or meeting before your customers buy?
  • And is it true that when your sales team speaks to customers, they are pretty good at closing the sale?

If you’ve answered yes to those three questions, then it’s probably the case that if you were able to get MORE meetings, then your business could rapidly grow to where you want it to be?!

Why LinkedIn?

The key is not to think of LinkedIn as social media! LinkedIn is the single largest database of prospects in the world, with over 600 million members! You can almost guarantee that every single one of your target audience, including key decision makers will be signed-up. There are 8 million professionals on LinkedIn in Australia and at least 50% of them log in every month.

The problem for most businesses is HOW to get a Predictable and Consistent Flow of Customers rather than periods of feast and famine, that have you either worried about your numbers or working 70 hours a week just to keep up.

On top of that, marketing has become incredibly sophisticated; even running Facebook or Google AdWords campaigns takes real skill to do it properly, websites have to be amazingly designed with copy that speaks directly to your buyers needs and desires, and then you have marketing automation and all the technology and analytics that is needed to run successful marketing campaigns.

And after all that, your advertising spend can be huge with no guarantee of results.

In short, it’s a headache and incredibly difficult to piece it all together to get a Predictable and Consistent Flow of Customers.

But what if we could fix that?

What if we could help you get a regular pipeline of conversations with qualified prospects every week?

And what if we could do that with ZERO advertising spend?

My name is Greg Hill, and I founded our LinkedIn Marketing Engine service as part of our brand to do just that! You can read my story here, but we use LinkedIn to generate our clients a Predictable and Consistent Flow of Leads, Prospects and Sales.

Imagine having access to a database, that contains every single decision maker in your industry, that has incredibly powerful search functionality, which you can tap into any time you want.

LinkedIn has a sales tool just for sales teams called Sales Navigator, and if you know how to use it, and how to build a systematic LinkedIn marketing strategy, you can generate leads ‘on tap’ with zero advertising spend.

How awesome is that!!

Out team at Linkedinvincible has developed a systematic approach to generating a Predictable and Consistent Flow of Leads for our clients.

You tell us who your target market is, and we’ll go out and get them for you. It’s like having a team of sales people knocking on up to 50 doors every single day.

LinkedIn is designed specifically for business professionals to connect and engage with other business professionals; if you’re not connecting, messaging and engaging with potential prospects every day, you’re missing out.

We’ll take the hassle out of it and do all the hard work for you. We’ll make the connections, send the messages and start the conversations with decision makers…all you have to do is take over once they’re interested. It’s like having us go to the gym for you each day, so you don’t have to.”

Our systematic approach to generating a Predictable and Consistent Flow of Leads for you is called P-A-C-E and it looks like this:

Positioning (P): Your LinkedIn profile is your sales / landing page and must speak directly to your prospects in a way that convinces them to engage with you. Our team of word-class copywriters transform your profile, which forms the foundation of our LinkedIn Marketing Engine service.

Audience (A): Using LinkedIn’s sales tool (Sales Navigator), we use the power of LinkedIn’s search engine to find your exact target audience. This part of the service is crucial (and a bit fiddly), but once we have done the required searches, we essentially have a list of your perfect customers who we can then reach out to.

Connect (C): Once we know who we are targeting, we carefully craft a message, that is sent to your target audience through LinkedIn to connect with them. Those that say yes to your connection request become part of your LinkedIn network, providing easy access for further communicate with them.

Engage (E): We then need to follow up and nurture these prospects, taking them from a ‘cold’ lead to a point where they are ready to buy from you. We send your prospects a series of carefully written messages / emails to raise your profile and create Awareness, Interest, Desire and then Action. We also regularly post content inside your LinkedIn account to build your authority.

In addition to managing your LinkedIn account we can create a single focus website worth built specifically around the solution that you provide which can help in drive engagement. Our aim is to drive your prospects to a website that is built to solve one specific problem for one specific audience. The website uses a lead magnet such as a checklist, tool or report to capture contact details, further continue the conversation and build trust.

Each customer’s requirements are different and as such we customise each solution specifically for the customer, however here is a staring point of what our service often involves;

LinkedIn Marketing Engine

  • Discovery / strategy session
  • Define initial campaign scope
  • Transform LinkedIn Profile
  • Build target audience in Sales Nav for each campaign
  • Connect with up to 50 decision makers per day
  • Creating 10+ message sequencing strategies
  • Regular 1-2-1 check-in / service optimisation meetings
  • Live Bi-monthly Training Sessions covering LinkedIn/Sales Navigator/CRM/Content Marketing/LinkedIn Pipedrive/LinkedIn SlideShare/LinkedIn SN Teams etc
  • A package of consulting hours to use to solve specific challenges with your campaigns
  • Assistance to set up native “Lead Scoring” capability within LinkedIn
  • Connection of API’s and setup of Integration with CRM software
  • Set up and assistance with the LinkedIn Pipedrive analytics
  • Posting content to network regularly
  • Build and Maintain a dedicated Single Focus Website, with email opt-in functions

Your Investment = POA

Colin Powell, the former US Secretary of State once famously said that “there are no secrets to success, it’s a result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure”.

Fortunately for you, we have learned from our failures so you don’t have to learn the hard way and take forever to get results. The secret to our success is our systematic approach to generating a Predictable and Consistent Flow of Leads. We do all the preparation and hard work for you, so you don’t have to.

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